Title: Best iPhone 12 MagSafe accessories
Blog Entry: One of the benefits of owning an iPhone is that since it’s so popular, there is a wide range of accessories available for it. Every respectable case maker has a lineup ready for the new iPhones before they’re even announced. On October 29, 2020, though, Apple decided to change things up a bit and introduced MagSafe for iPhones. Unlike the old MagSafe, which was used to protect your laptop from getting yanked to its doom by the charging cable, the new iteration serves a dual purpose.To get more news about iPhone 12 Pro Max Case with MagSafe , you can visit esrgear official website. First, to help better align wireless chargers for maximum efficiency. People rarely put their phones in a way that aligns the charging coils, mostly because they don’t know exactly where they are. With the new built-in magnets, the phone(or charger) will snap into place. Second, the magnets allow you to snap all sorts of accessories to your phone that have nothing to do with charging. From cases to credit-card holders, Apple is opening the door to a whole new ecosystem of accessories. That ecosystem is still young and small since it seems that third-party manufacturers weren’t aware of the addition of MagSafe to the new iPhones, but it’s bound to become larger as time goes on and more and more people buy iPhone 12s.